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Dallas Traffic Ticket Attorney

Dallas Traffic Ticket Attorney

If you’ve been issued a speeding ticket by the police recently and want to fight it, you will need a  Dallas traffic ticket attorney. You may want to challenge the charge or maybe you have been issued a warrant and don’t know how to proceed. Not addressing these violations can lead to your license being suspended, more fines, and jail. Whether you have a regular Class C license or a CDL license, It is important to take care of these issues. Jack Byno & Associates can help you know your options.

Former municipal court judge, Jack Byno, or one of the lawyers at Jack Byno & Associates will represent you in court. They will try to help you either reduce the charge and/or keep it off your driving record, or get your case dismissed. With over 25 years as traffic lawyers, Jack Byno & Associates can help you get back on the road.

There are a variety of citations you can get while you are driving. Speeding, ran stop sign, ran red light, failing to use turn signal, not having liability insurance, past due registration and inspection, and other moving violations, are among the citations with which an experienced law firm can help you.  Any violation can result in a warrant if not addressed promptly.

Depending on your case, Jack Byno & Associates can advise you on the best course of action to take. Their attorneys work to find the best resolution to your particular charge. Keeping it off of your driving record is their primary goal. Having a certain amount of convictions on your driving record will lead to state surcharges, on top of the fines and court fees you already paid. So if you need help, having a Dallas traffic ticket attorney represent you in court can save you money in the long run.

We fight Dallas speeding tickets.

We fight Dallas speeding tickets.

Dallas Speeding Ticket Attorney

Speeding is the most common offense written by the Dallas police. Many times a single stop can result in multiple charges. If your registration, inspection, or insurance is not up to date, you risk also adding citations for these violations if you are stopped for speeding. Many DWI’s are also given by police following a minor infraction. These speeding infractions can cause your insurance premium to go up and add points to your driving record. Keeping these charges off of your driving record can prevent you from having your license suspended.

Even a minor speeding violation can result in your license being suspended or a warrant for your arrest. If you have gotten multiple citations in a short period of time, the points you’ve accumulated on your driving record, will end up getting you state surcharges, even if you have paid your fines on time. Forgetting to pay your fines will result in a one or more warrants being issued in the City. A Knowledgeable Dallas traffic ticket attorney can help you clear up these matters. Jack Byno & Associates will fight to keep your driving record clean so you can keep your driver’s license in compliance with Texas law.

Dallas CDL Traffic Ticket Attorney

Although getting speeding or other moving violation on a regular Class C license can make your insurance premium go up and cause you to get state surcharges, the negative impact a citation can have on a CDL, can be devastating. Some companies will not hire a driver with even one conviction on his/her driving record. If you are a commercial truck driver, school, bus driver, or taxi driver, your livelihood can be compromised. A Dallas traffic ticket attorney with experience knows what steps to take to try to prevent such a calamity from happening.

Just paying your ticket if you have a CDL can end up costing you more money than hiring Jack Byno & Associates. Good legal representation can allow you to keep your CDL and continue working. Depending on your specific violation, it can be classified by the state as: serious or non-serious. These categories are defined by the specific factors at the time of the citation (such as the amount of miles you went over the speed limit, etc.). A CDL will be suspended by the second serious offense and by the third non-serious offense, as opposed to a regular Class C license that needs five convictions to be suspended. Jack Byno and Associates will have one of their lawyers try to keep these offenses off of your driving record or try reduce a serious to a non-serious violation. If you already have one serious violation, you can’t afford another. Good counsel can make the difference between not having a job or being on the road, working.

Dallas Warrant Attorney

If you have been issued a warrant by the Court it is imperative that you seek legal representation. Taking care of this matter in a timely manner will insure the best outcome for you. Depending on what kind of warrant you have received, an Attorney from Jack Byno & Associates can have your warrants lifted. If you have already been arrested,a lawyer can bond you out of jail, if you have an alias warrant. An alias warrant is one that has been issued before you have had a chance to have a court date. If you have a capias warrant, which means you have already had a court date and you did not comply with the terms of the court, our firm cannot lift that warrant. Although, it is wiser to take care of your warrants before you are put in jail, and save yourself the hassle. Also, if you have a warrant, you want to avoid the warrant round up. The warrant roundup is a time of the year when police make an exerted effort to find people with warrants and arrest them. Contact us as soon as possible.


A Good Dallas Traffic Ticket Attorney

Whether you need a warrant lifted, you want to fight a speeding violation, or get a charge reduced, Jack Byno & associates will work hard to make sure you get your fair day in court. They will advise you if you need to make a plea or go to trial. Having skillful legal representation guide you through the process takes the stress out of dealing with the court and puts you in a more advantageous position. Don’t let these legal problems get out of control. Contact Dallas traffic ticket attorney, Jack Byno & Associates today!

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