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Farmers Branch Warrant Roundup Attorney

Farmers Branch Warrant Roundup Attorney

If you wait for your warrant to become a conviction, you’ll miss out on the esteemed Farmers Branch Warrant Roundup Attorney helping you fight the case. Jack Byno and Associates have over 25 years experience posting bonds and lifting warrants. Even if your situation is dire, we may still be able to drop the charges before a conviction goes on your driving record. At this very moment, Farmers Branch is teaming up with Carrollton, Addison, and other cities in Dallas County to bring the hammer down on pending warrants. Patrols are running high and one traffic stop can turn to a night in jail if officers see you’re listed in their warrant database. Don’t get an arrest on your record. Don’t let the charges stand if they can be fought in the courtroom. Our law firm is well versed in traffic citations and we’ve taken down warrants. With increased arrests happening now, you risk it happening to you to every time you get on the road. Our law firm works to keep you at home while we duke it out in the courts. Countless cases can be dropped while the defendant stays comfortably far from the sound of the gabble. Let’s see if our lawyers can do the same for you.

Farmers Branch Warrant Roundup Attorney

We lift Farmers Branch warrants fast.

Farmers Branch Warrant Roundup Attorney

Moving violations can grow worse by turning into a warrant for your arrest. Our lawyers know this and they have the experience you’ll want consulting you. Jack Byno, once a municipal judge, has been legally representing those with citations and warrants since 1994. That’s over two decades of service in your favor. With his experience in the Farmers Branch Municipal Court and his knowhow of the way your judge sees the cases, he’s an invaluable asset towards getting the results you need for you case. Our lawyers go beyond other law firms in that they reach out to the courts and post bonds on your behalf. Even those who have just landed in jail may have their bond posted, so check with us. Better yet, do it before it’s too late to reverse the charges. Jack Byno and his law office know which cases can be dismissed. Even non-dismissals may be worked with lowering charges through please negotiations.  If a trial is absolutely necessary, there’s always an option to retain this experienced team.

How Our Attorneys Fight Warrants in Farmers Branch

We call the courts. We get your bond amounts and post bond for you. If you have a case that we can go to court in your place, then we will. Our law firm holds our attorneys to a standard to where we will work with you to make the process more convenient at every turn. We need your citation number, but if you do not know it, we can still retrieve it. For cases involving Farmers Branch local police department, we’ll call the Farmers Branch Municipal Court. Other law enforcement not directly tied to the city, such as state troopers, go through the Precinct 3 Dallas County Justice of the Peace court. We typically post bonds through the mail, which take their usually time to be delivered. If you need immediate deliver, we understand. Come by our office and we’ll print the bonds for you to take to the court yourself. Once posted, the courts establish a court appearance date and, again, we go without you needing to be present every chance we can. We travel to either court, as we have done for years, and plead your case. Once the situation is resolved, we will send off a letter through USPS letting you know of the outcome and if there are any fees from the court to be paid. Keep in mind, our lawyers work to reduce charges if the judge won’t dismiss and we only go to trial if it’s necessary. You choose to retain us as your legal representation for a trial, but we’re confident you’ll be pleased with our work. Jack Byno is familiar with the layout of your court and can make your case much less stressful with his solid advice.

The Farmers Branch CDL Violation Attorney Posts Bonds and Lifts Warrants

For truckers with traffic citations that turned into warrants, the outcome of this situation is a matter of whether or not you keep your job. We know many companies keep driving records under close scrutiny and how the points add up on a driving record. If you were fortunate enough to continue earning your living with one conviction, a second one could compound with the other and force you to lose your license. Either way, we know how the system works for CDL holders and what to do for each circumstance. Call us to find out how we lift Farmers Branch warrants, dismiss cases, and keep driving records clean. If you have bills to pay and depend on your income, don’t let it be taken from you without knowing all your options.

Can The Farmers Branch Attorney Fight My Warrant?

Two different types of warrants are out there, but an attorney can only help you with one. If you have not entered a plea of “no contest” or “guilty” and you have not gone to trial, then we are able to help. Contact us if this is the case. If, however, you lost your trial already, and did not pay the proper fees, resulting in your current warrant, of you entered your plea as stated above, then our law office cannot help in your case. If you’re in such a situation, your options are limited to paying the court fees or sitting in the Farmers Branch jail.

The Farmers Branch Warrant Roundup is In Effect

Time is of the essence. With more drivers on the road looking at their phones and being distracted, you’re more likely to be involved in a wreck that is not your fault. Worst yet, insurance companies want an official police report, and the police will arrest you if they run your information and find a warrant. Don’t let this unforeseen tragedy happen to you. The Farmers Branch Warrant Roundup Attorney is here to help Class “C” and CDL drivers get the outcome they need for a worry-free tomorrow.

About Farmers Branch, TX:

– Farmers Branch Police Department has implemented their SafeCam program, where registered residents are contacted by police and asked to use their personal cameras to find wanted individuals in the area. Those residents then report back with photographic evidence of the person’s location.

– In 2014, 41% of the population experienced police interaction.

– The Aquatics Center in Farmers Branch has a family-friendly water park with several attractions including a lazy river and water slides.
The Farmers Branch official city website can be found at: