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Fort Worth Traffic Ticket Attorney

Fort Worth Traffic Ticket Attorney

Are you in need of a Fort Worth traffic ticket attorney? Have you been given a citation by police recently? If so, you will want to know what the options are for your particular violation. Jack Byno has over 25 years experience and has been a municipal court judge. He or one of the experienced lawyers at Jack Byno & Associates will counsel you on the most beneficial action to take.  If you are a truck driver with a CDL and are worried about losing your license, a skillful lawyer can fight for your rights. People with a regular Class C license can benefit from legal representation by keeping insurance premiums from raising and avoiding state surcharges.

The law firm of Jack Byno & Associates handles an assortment of citations. Whether you have a speeding ticket or a warrant, they have the experience and knowledge of the courts to insure the best result for you.  Keeping traffic tickets off of your license is the most important thing an attorney can do for you, as this can save you money and trouble in the long run. A lawyer can also challenge a citation and try to get it dismissed.

Taking traffic violations seriously is important to make sure it doesn’t amplify. Failing to signal, expired registration, and speeding are just a few of the infractions Jack Byno & Associates will keep off of your record. Keeping small violations off of your driver’s license record will save you from getting points on your license. You don’t want to receive state surcharges or have your driver’s license suspended over a minor offense. Having a ticket to into a warrants is real possibility if you do not address these issues properly. A lawyer can guide you through the legal system.

We fight Fort Worth speeding tickets.

We fight Fort Worth speeding tickets.

Fort Worth Speeding Ticket Attorney

Out of all the citations issued by the Fort Worth police, speeding tickets are at the top of the list. It is not unusual to be charged with more than one violation at the time of a traffic stop. Pulling over drivers for speeding is a way law enforcement checks to see if your insurance is current, your inspection and registration are valid, you have outstanding warrants, and many other violations that can stack on top of a speeding charge. After a certain number of convictions your driver’s license can be suspended. This can have negative consequences on your everyday life, and for many drivers, it can affect their ability to work.

State surcharges  are another problem you can look forward to, if you don’t keep violations off of your driving record. These surcharges are added on even after you have already paid your original citation. Some speeding tickets are worth more points than others. If a judge will not allow your speeding ticket to be dismissed, an attorney with Jack Byno & Associates can have your speeding ticket reduced and prevent you from getting more points on your driving record. This can be very valuable if you already have tickets on your record, and are at risk of having your driver’s license suspended.

Fort Worth CDL Traffic Violation Defense Lawyer 

If you have a CDL, your ability to drive is how you make a living. Just one citation can cause you to be fired by some companies. Depending on the particular category of your offense, your CDL can be suspended after only two citations. The law firm of Jack Byno & Associates understands how important it is for your driver’s license to be in compliance with the law; keeping traffic citation off of your record is their main objective. A lawyer from their firm will represent you in court and fight for your right to work.

Your livelihood is at stake if you are a commercial truck driver and you have gotten a citation from police. Paying your citation and not seeking legal advice is not the wisest course to take. You may have a serious violation or a non-serious violation. After two serious violations, your CDL will be suspended. If Jack Byno & Associates cannot negotiate a favorable plea deal, you can retain one of their lawyers to fight your ticket in a trial. A knowledgeable lawyer that has dealt with these matters over many years, can put you in a place of advantage.  Jack Byno & Associates know what is at stake if you have a CDL, and they will take all the steps to protect your ability to make a living.

Fort Worth Traffic Warrant Attorney

You will need a lawyer if you have any outstanding warrants in. Legal guidance is of the utmost urgency when dealing with this issue. The sooner you resolve this situation the more likely you’ll end up with a successful outcome. If you have been arrested and need an attorney to bond you out of jail, the law firm of Jack Byno & Associates can be there for you. An alias warrant will allow a lawyer from their firm to bond you out of jail and lift your warrant. They can then represent you in court and find the best resolution. The capias warrant is given if you have already come to an agreement with the court but did not comply with their terms. In this case a lawyer cannot help you. You can either pay your fine of go to jail.

If you haven’t paid for a violation and don’t know if you have a warrant issued, it is important to find out as soon as possible. If you know you have warrants, contact a lawyer and take care of this problem quickly. Going to jail can cause a series of other problems. During the Statewide Warrant Roundup,the Fort Worth police can come to your home or job and arrest you. Don’t deal with the financial damage a embarrassment being arrest can bring. Contact Jack Byno & Associates to protect you from unwanted consequences.

A Good Fort Worth Traffic Citation Lawyer

Former municipal court judge Jack Byno and his law firm Jack Byno & Associates are ready to take care of your traffic ticket needs. They have handled speeding and other citations for over 25 years. They can take care of moving and nonmoving violations, warrants and other charges. It doesn’t matter if you want to make a plea of go to trial, their firm can represent you and your best interests. Whether you have a CDL or a Class C license Jack Byno & Associates have the skill and know-how to help you maneuver through this legal quagmire, and lead you safely to the other side. Contact them and get the representation you need from a  Fort Worth traffic ticket attorney.

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