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Grand Prairie Traffic Ticket Attorney

Grand Prairie Traffic Ticket Attorney

Over 25 years of experience make Jack Byno the ideal Grand Prairie traffic ticket attorney, to advise you on any citation you might have recently been issued. No matter if your received a citation for speeding or you have a warrant and do not know how to proceed, the law firm of Jack Byno & Associates can guide you and help you find an answer. There is no need to handle legal matters alone. The counsel of a legal professional is indispensable when being faced with driving violation issues.  Contact the firm today and have one of their lawyers look over your case.

An experienced legal representative can inform you of all your rights and provide assistance in choosing the wisest options available to you. As soon as you retain the services of Jack Byno & Associates, they will contact the Grand Prairie Municipal Court and inform them that they will be representing you. Once they obtain a copy of the complaint issued against you, they will look for a detail of mistake that could lead to an automatic dismissal. If you feel you were wrongly accused, one of their attorneys will go to trial and defend you vigorously.

Usually with moving violations, reducing your charge and keeping a conviction off of your driving record is the top objective. Your attorney will work to convince the prosecutor on a plea bargain that is satisfactory to your interests. You do not have to show up on your court date; your lawyer will take care of that for you. You will be informed through the mail on the outcome of the agreement. Going through a lawyer will put you in an advantage and prevent you future hardships associated with un properly handled citations. Contact Jack Byno & Associates and begin working toward the best solution.

We fight Grand Prairie speeding tickets.

We fight Grand Prairie speeding tickets.

Grand Prairie Speeding Ticket Attorney

Whether you are a Class C or a CDL driver, a speeding is the most likely offense with which you can get charged. Police hand out more citations for speeding than any other type of moving violation. Paying for a ticket without consulting a knowledgeable legal professional is not the most prudent way to clear up this matter. Not knowing all the options available to you, can cost you more in the long run. Even if you pay your citations you can end up having State surcharges and fees. For habitual offenders, a suspended or revoked license is a possibility.

Jack Byno & Associates may be able to prevent convictions from appearing on your driving record. This will reduce the chance of having your license suspended. CDL drivers are the most vulnerable to having their driving privilege suspended, due to the restrictions on trucks and other commercial vehicles. In some cases, only two violations will be grounds for a suspension. A lawyer may assist you in keeping a healthy driving record. Not putting the proper emphasis on a speeding citation can have negative ramifications.  As a former municipal court judge, Jack Byno and his firm can steer you in the most informed direction.

Grand Prairie CDL Traffic Ticket Attorney

A citation from the police is cause for concern for any driver. For a CDL driver, the concern is amplified, given that their ability to make a living may be compromised. Addressing a citation the right way can relieve unintended repercussions. Legal assistance will put you on higher ground. Jack Byno & Associates know the law and how to go about achieving the best results. Helping drivers get back to work is something for which they will fight. They do not underestimate the hardship that will result if you lose your CDL. Reach out to them as soon as you can.

You may have been cited for DTCD, speeding, overweight,  or another offense associated with CDLs. Perhaps you are worried that another violation on your driving record will add the necessary points to have your CDL suspended. Taking care of this problem is simple. Hire a lawyer from the law firm of Jack Byno & Associates. They will try work to keep your record clean and find an agreement with the court on your behalf. A letter will be sent to you, notifying you on the ruling of your case and of any fees or instructions the judge has ordered.  Their firm will help you keep your license and your job.

Grand Prairie Traffic Warrant Attorney

When you get even the smallest citation from police, you are promising to appear in court by the date specified on the citation. You are not admitting guilt to the charge given. You have an opportunity to state your case in court. When you fail to appear in court, a warrant is issued forcing you to address this matter. Resolving this issue is always best before any complications arise. If you have failed to appear in court and are now at risk of being arrested, contact Jack Byno & Associates. They have years of experience finding solutions to these predicaments.

If you have a warrant for failing to appear, you have an alias warrant. For those that have been arrested, this type of warrant allows a lawyer to bond you out of jail, lift your warrant, and get you a new court date. Offenders that have already had a court date and did not follow the instructions set by the judge, have a capias warrant. If you get detained by police with a capias warrant, a lawyer cannot bond you out of jail. The terms have already been set by the court. Your only option is to pay whatever fines you owe or sit in jail. Prior Judge Jack Byno can counsel you on the most effective way to move forward.

A Good Grand Prairie Traffic Ticket Attorney

Knowledge is power. Having a knowledgeable legal representative will give you an edge when navigating through the legal world. Trying to make your own way when it comes to moving violations is not an advisable thing to do. A lawyer with insight into the inner workings of the court system will benefit you greatly. A good Grand Prairie traffic ticket attorney is what you will find at Jack Byno & Associates. Contact them now!

About the City of Grand Prairie:

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  • The name of the city is drawn from maps from 1850 to 1858 that described the area between Dallas and Fort Worth as a “grand prairie“.


  • It is the home of the Verizon Theater, where major concerts and event are held.