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Grand Prairie Warrant Roundup Attorney

Grand Prairie Warrant Roundup Attorney

During this time, you need to be on high alert if you have a warrant, and contact The Grand Prairie Warrant Roundup Attorney now to avoid an arrest. The police in Grand Prairie have started work on gathering up as many open warrants as possible. If they pull you over, and you have a warrant, you’re looking at jail time. Do not let something as modest as a moving violation lead to your incarceration. We can post bonds, thereby lifting the warrant quickly and efficiently. Jack Byno and Associates is the law firm that knows this is no time to mess around. You want to stay out of a cell, sure, but our law firm works every case we can to get charges reduced or even dropped. You won’t know until you contact us. Please note: if you have been issued a traffic violation in another region of Texas other than this one, police do not usually make an arrest for your warrant. If, however, your warrant was issued here, then do not wait to contact us. For most cases, we will go to court in your place and plead on your behalf. You can kick up your feet while we get our hands dirty.

Grand Prairie Warrant Roundup Attorney

We lift Grand Prairie warrants fast.

Grand Prairie Warrant Roundup Attorney

Once a municipal judge, Jack Byno has been looking into cases much like yours for over two decades. He and his team of lawyers work diligently to get to know the local courts and how they function. In this way, they can come up with the proper action to take for your case and end with the best possible results. Jack Byno provides the insight you will want if you’re looking to lift that warrant fast and maybe even get your case dismissed, and you will need a lawyer if you want it dismissed. Helping both Class “C” and CDL carriers, our attorneys have come across all manner of cases and have helped countless individuals. We are so hands on, going to the Grand Prairie Municipal Court in your stead, posting bonds for you, that we try to keep you as relaxed and stress-free at every step of the way that we can.

How Our Attorneys Fight Warrants in Grand Prairie

Grand Prairie, like most cities, has two courts we could go through for moving citations. For the local GPPD, we’ll go through the Grand Prairie Municipal Court on West Main Street. If you were stopped and given a ticket from county sheriffs, state troopers, or other law enforcement not directly tied to the local police department, then we’re looking at the Dallas County Justice of the Peace Court. We will look up the contact information and call either court, get your ticket number and bond amounts, then post your bond without you having to lift a finger. Our usual process is to submit the bond by mail, but if you need it sooner, we understand. In such a situation, let our office know and we will print them off for you to deliver. Only stop by, pick the documents up, and head to the appropriate court. After having the bonds posted, the courts will issue a new date to appear, and we will go in your place should the situation permits. While there, we utilize our plea negotiations to get the charges lowered, or even dismissed. Once over with, you’ll be getting a letter informing you of the outcome and of any court fees.

The Grand Prairie CDL Violation Attorney Posts Bonds and Lifts Warrants

As any trucker knows, a conviction on your driving record can be a nerve-wracking thing. Your income, usually money you and your family greatly depends on, is at risk of being lost. We understand, and our law firm wants to help. Be mindful, a warrant, even a ticket, are not yet on your record. Still, with such high stakes, and knowing CDLs are not treated the same as Class “C”s, we first see if your case can gain a dismissal. If it cannot, we look into how we can use plea negotiations to keep it off your record at all costs. If neither scenarios are a suitable path to take, there is always the option to retain us for a trial. CDL holders in similar situations in Grand Prairie have called us up on the phone, and they have walked away happier because of it. Contact us to see what we can do for you, especially during this time.

Can The Grand Prairie Attorney Fight My Warrant?

We only take one kind of warrant in Grand Prairie, an alias warrant. Alias warrants are when you have let a traffic citation stand for too long, maybe missing an original court date, and now have the warrant. If that is the case, and you have not yet entered a plea of “no contest” or “guilty”, and you have not gone to trial, we will be able to help. For the other warrant, if you have entered either plea of “guilty” or “no contest” or you have lost your trial already, we cannot help you further. Warrants in this scenario must waited out in jail or paid in full.

The Grand Prairie Warrant Roundup is In Effect

If you have been arrested, we can still post bond, but do not wait until then. Be proactive and contact us now. Remember, the Statewide Warrant Roundup is not letting up. Many officers are assigned the sole duty of finding open warrants and closing them. Let’s beat them to the punch and get the warrant lifted as soon as possible. If you can stay at home as we go to court, if you can get your bond posted easily, if your lawyer has over 20 years of experience under his belt, there’s no reason to wait on getting The Grand Prairie Warrant Roundup Attorney to defend you today.

About Grand Prairie, TX:

– Grand Prairie has made Forbes magazine’s “Top 25 Places to Retire”.

– The Grand Prairie ISD was established in 1902.

– Home to over 30 pieces of public art and counting, Grand Prairie takes pride in its artistic representation throughout the town, both traditional and modern.


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