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Highland Park Warrant Roundup Attorney

Highland Park Warrant Roundup Attorney

If you let a traffic ticket stand and now have an open warrant, call The Highland Park Warrant Roundup Attorney before it is too late. Police are cooperating together to form a team of law enforcement to arrest as many people with warrants as they can catch. Our lawyers are familiar with the area and how to local courts function. We set out to go to court in your place and get a dismissal. Our process can be a smooth and quick one, so don’t dally and let the police catch you. Even if you have already landed in jail, we can post bond. Don’t wait till it gets that bad. You may have let a traffic violation amount to a warrant, but an arrest is worse. We can resolve the situation and get you the best results for your case. Please keep in mind, Texas is a big state, and so it has different regions. If you originally gained a moving citation in another region, which then turned into a warrant, you may not be sent to jail when pulled over here. If your warrant is from a ticket issued close by, then act now. Call our law firm immediately.

Highland Park Warrant Roundup Attorney

We lift Highland Park warrants fast.

Highland Park Warrant Roundup Attorney

At Jack Byno and Associates, our sights are always set on going to court while you get to stay home. With the 20-plus years of experience, Jack Byno is a confident lawyer with the results to back it up. Helping an array of license holders, such as those with a Class “C” license and CDLs, he managed to get dismissals without the client ever taking one step into the court room. He was once a municipal judge too, meaning he can see through the eyes of the local judges and give the best insight for how they view your case. Our lawyers work diligently to look at dismissals, but when they are not an option, we also turn to time-tested plea negotiations. In many cases in Highland Park, we can lower the charges and keep it off your driving record. Only in select cases is a trial necessary, and we are can be your legal representation should you choose to retain us.

How Our Attorneys Fight Warrants in Highland Park

Out of the two courts, only one will have your information. The Highland Park Municipal Court deals with traffic citations stemming from the local police department in the city. The Dallas County Justice of the Peace Court answers to cases involving county sheriffs, campus police, and state troopers. Whether you’re appointed to one or the other, we can effortlessly reach out to them, attain your ticket number and bond amounts, and then proceed to post your bond. This is a process that does not require your participation to complete. We do post the bonds in the mail, which will take the standard time to deliver to the courts. However, if you do need them sent in a timelier manner, we can print out the paper bonds and you may pick them up to deliver them physically. Once the court has received the bonds and lifted the warrant, a new court date will be set, which we go to in person. As with each situation that permits, we keep you out of the courtroom while we plead your case and get the best possible results.

The Highland Park CDL Violation Attorney Posts Bonds and Lifts Warrants

If you’re an over the road driver who now has a warrant out for your arrest, we understand the weight of the outcome for your case. For CDL carriers, your income could be taken away by a conviction or even one violation ending up on your driving record. Jack Byno has been legally representing truckers in Highland Park for years, and for years he’s kept their records clean. We work with your case to see what outcomes are viable. After posting bond, and lifting your warrant, we look to see if it can be dismissed or if it needs plea negotiations to lower the charges and to keep the record clean. Warrant and tickets do not appear on your driving record. Only in the case of a conviction does it apply. We may still be able to settle the matter and get a much better outcome. Contact our law office if your main source of income is at risk and you need protection for it.

Can The Highland Park Attorney Fight My Warrant?

Certain warrants can be taken up in the court of law, and certain ones can’t. If you lost a trial, then did not pay the court fees, we’re unable to help. If you pled “guilty” or “no contest”, we are also unable to help. In such cases, you are forced, by the law in Highland Park, to either spend time in the Highland Park jail or pay your fees. If, however, you have not pled as such, and you have not yet had your case go to trial, we are more than capable of taking a look at it and creating a plan of action to assist you.

The Highland Park Warrant Roundup is In Effect

The police have gathered and are already enacting their own plans. Don’t procrastinate on this matter, especially if you already know the Statewide Warrant Roundup is in effect in Highland Park. They will not let up until they’ve made arrests. Don’t be among those they get. With ever-more sophisticate tools and technologies, such as cameras, radars, scanners, and the like, we’re living in a time when the long arm of the law is even longer. We’re also at a time when accidents are even more frequent, meaning you could get in a fender bender and the police will certainly show. Even if the accident is of no fault of your own, you’ll go to jail for the warrant. Let’s lift it before it gets to that point. When you contact The Highland Park Warrant Roundup Attorney, you’ll speak with the experienced and smart law firm perfect for tackling your case.

About Highland Park, TX:

– Highland Park’s town hall was constructed in 1924.

– “Great American Suburbs – The Homes of the Park Cities, Dallas” by Virginia Savage McAlester, Willis Cecil Winters, and Prudence Mackintosh features the city of Highland Park and its rich history.

– Over 140 years old, Highland Park protects a large pecan tree at the front of the city entrance named “The Million Dollar Monarch”.


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