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Plano Traffic Ticket Attorney

Plano Traffic Ticket Attorney

When you have been accused of a driving violation, you require a Plano traffic ticket attorney that recognizes the importance of your circumstance. You may not know what your options are, or perhaps you want to contest your citation before a judge. Taking action as soon as possible is crucial when attempting to straighten out your legal condition. No matter if you are a Class C driver or you are a commercial driver with a CDL, not addressing this concern will aggravate the problem. Jack Byno & Associates can assist you in resolving the issue related to your Plano moving violation.

A lawyer with experience will make the difference when trying to achieve the best result. As a former municipal court judge, Jack Byno and his law firm are a sound choice to counsel you on how to proceed with your citation. Once you retain a lawyer at their firm they will send the Plano Municipal Court a letter of representation and ask for a copy of the complaint against you. They will look for any discrepancy of oversight on the complaint. If they find anything, they can get your case dismissed. When getting your case thrown out is not an available option, your lawyer will represent you in court and work out a plea bargain with the prosecutor to reduce your charge and have the conviction not appear on your driving record.

For the average driver, maintaining a clean record will keep your insurance rate from rising and prevent you from getting state surcharges on top of what you already paid for the Plano ticket. CDL drivers can mostly benefit by not having their license suspended due to a bad record caused by a citation. Jack Byno & Associates can handle a variety of citations and legal issues due to driving violations. From speeding tickets to outstanding warrants, they will counsel you to get the most effective conclusion.

We fight Plano speeding tickets.

We fight Plano speeding tickets.

Plano Speeding Ticket Attorney

Police give out citations for excessive speed, more than any other violation. During these routine stops, you can end up with an assortment of other citation if your registration, inspection, insurance or other basic requirements are not in compliance with Texas law.  The proper legal advice will help you manage these types of driving infractions. Simply paying for a speeding violation seems like the easiest way to fulfill your responsibility; but you are at risk of having to deal with further penalties. With over 25 years of resolving driving violations, Jack Byno & Associates can advise you on the most efficient way to resolve this point.

No citation is too small to be overlooked. Not putting the proper emphasis on these common violations can end up in more fines and eventually a warrant for your arrest. That is why choosing legal representation is so important. A lawyer puts you in a position of advantage when dealing with legal issues. Getting Jack Byno & Associates will give you the upper hand when trying to get closure to this situation.  They will work on reducing your charge and saving your driving record, or they will fight in court if contesting the Plano violation is what you wish to do.

Plano CDL Traffic Ticket Attorney

Professional truck drivers rely on their CDL to make a living. Getting their driving record tainted can impair their ability to work. Off truck rout, speeding, DTCD, are common citations that the Plano police give, if you are a CDL holders. Any of these violations can adversely affect your record. At Jack Byno & Associates,  a lot of seriousness is put on the prospect of a CDL suspension. They know what the repercussions of losing your driving privilege mean. Keeping you on the road is their primary aim. Tackling this problem swiftly will improve the odds of success.

When you retain a lawyer from their firm, they will notify the Plano Municipal Court that they represent you and inquire on what the nature of the complaint is against you. Once they schedule a court date, you may not be required to show up in court. One of their lawyers will represent you. A plea bargain that puts your interests in front ,will be agreed upon between your legal representative and the court. In the mail you will receive a notification telling you what the conditions are of the agreement made. You will maintain your ability to drive while not being burdened by the legal process.

Plano Traffic Warrant Attorney

Warrants are an immediate cause for alarm. Legal counsel is essential if you want to have a desirable end to this concern. Do not drive if you have been issued a Plano traffic warrant. If you are stopped by police while you have a warrant, you will be arrested. You can also be detained at your home or place of employment during the coordinated effort known as the Statewide Warrant Roundup. In some cases, you are prevented from getting registration for your vehicle if you are delinquent with your responsibility to the State.

A lawyer with Jack Byno & Associates can contact the court and get your Plano warrant lifted, allowing you to drive legally while you wait for a new court date arranged by your lawyer.  You will receive a notice by mail after your legal representative has gone to court on your behalf, with the result of the arrangement  made between your lawyer and the court. If you have already been detained, your lawyer can bond you out of jail as long as you haven’t already been to court for the charge in question, and disobeyed the instructions set by a judge.

A Good Plano Attorney

Finding solutions for a legal problem can be difficult, when faced alone. Have Jack Byno & Associates be by your side during this predicament.  Avoid making the usual mistakes drivers make due to lack of knowledge. A law firm with experience can guide you through the pitfalls of traffic law. A citation doesn’t have to become a tragedy; but it will if not handled with skill and know-how. Jack Byno is the Plano traffic attorney you need to contact today.


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