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Speeding Tickets

Know your options

When you hire us to handle your speeding ticket, you have two options. We can either plea your case to the best possible outcome (plea bargain), or we can be retained to take your case to trial.

CDL Defense

When you have a commercial drivers’ license (CDL), we understand that it’s not just a speeding ticket — it’s your livelihood we’re defending. We have over 20 years experience helping CDL drivers.

No one wants to receive a speeding ticket. However, this is a common occurrence in the counties of North Texas. If you get a citation, we go to court on your behalf. With our help, you can have confidence that your rights are protected.

Keep the Ticket Off of Your Record

When you contact our legal team, we may help keep a speeding ticket off your driving record.  If successful, This means your insurance rates won’t go up. You can also avoid having to pay the state surcharges. However, most importantly, you don’t have to worry about the potential of your license being suspended.

traffic-ticket-attorney-dallas-txUnderstand the Options You Have

At Jack Byno & Associates, we understand how to help you secure the absolute best outcome for your case. In fact, we can lay out all your options, so you fully understand the situation. Some of the most common include deferred adjudication and defensive driving school.

Achieve the Best Possible Outcome for Your Case

If you have a CDL, the consequences for a speeding ticket are often severe. If you were caught driving 15 mph or more over the posted speed limit, this is especially true. In any speeding ticket situation, calling for help from quality, legal representation pays off. We can represent you in court. Our goal is to have the charges you face reduced.

Handling Your Speeding Ticket in North Texas

Did you recently receive a speeding ticket in the Dallas-Fort Worth area? Are you looking for a way to keep it off of your driving record? Are you unsure of the options you have? If so, you need to call our legal team at Jack Byno & Associates right away. When you hire our attorneys, we can go to court for you. This means we ensure your rights are protected. Let us reduce the stress you face after receiving a traffic citation.

There are several adverse effects when you simply pay a traffic ticket. A brief overview of the consequences is highlighted here.

  • Your insurance rates may skyrocket after a moving violation.
  • You are required to pay state surcharges.
  • You may have your license suspended.

When you call us, we may help you avoid all these issues. We may reduce the fines, help you avoid the surcharges, and eliminate the possibility of higher insurance costs. Don’t automatically assume the only option is to pay the penalty. The best way to learn what options are available is to call us as soon as you can. Take action now, to quickly have the traffic ticket issue resolved.

We Represent You in Court

In most cases, once your court date is set, you don’t have to worry about showing up. With our legal services, we go to court on your behalf. Before the court date arrives, we explain all the possible options you have. You choose the one that is most appealing, and that is what we fight for. While we cannot guarantee an outcome, you can feel confident we do everything possible to get the desired result. Some of the options that most people have are found here.

Deferred Adjudication

In many situations, we can help to work out a deal for deferred adjudication. This means you have to agree to a probationary period. With this, you can pay the fines in the court, but avoid being found guilty. This means your driving record remains clean.

Information for CDL Drivers

If you have a commercial driver’s license, receiving a speeding ticket is especially troublesome. The consequences you face are even more severe if you were caught going 15 mph or more over the posted limit. If you are going less than 10 percent over the speed limit, you have less to worry about point penalties. However, it doesn’t matter what the ticket is for. We can help fight to have it reduced to the least possible charge.

Don’t Try to Fight a Speeding Ticket Alone

Traffic court is often complex. While it may seem straightforward at first, this is typically not the case. Many factors affect your case. If you aren’t aware of these, you may inadvertently make the situation worse. Our legal team knows the municipal court. They also know what legal options you have. It doesn’t matter what type of ticket you received. We can look for opportunities to have the consequences you face reduced.

Do you have a speeding ticket? Do you want to avoid paying the penalty and having points applied to your license? If so, you need to call us at Jack Byno & Associates today. Our team can help ensure you get the desired results for your traffic ticket woes. Don’t trust just anyone with this type of case. Our team has decades of combined experience. With this kind of knowledge, we can help you achieve the best possible outcome for your situation.

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Do you understand how a speeding ticket can affect you in the long-term? If not, you need to call our offices. You have to deal with the fine now, and the points remain on your license for several years. You may also face license suspension. We can help you avoid these severe penalties. But first, you have to call. Let us schedule an initial consultation to present the options you have. During the meeting you can ask questions and let us know about your situation. There is no reason to face a speeding ticket on your own. Our team is here to help. We can try to work out a deal to reduce the charges. This helps to keep your record clean.

When you have been issued a traffic ticket in the DFW area, you want an attorney who understands the local courts. The reality of the matter is that every city has its own policies, procedures and consequences. I have experience as a traffic ticket lawyer in the local courts, I know how to get you results.

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