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Traffic Warrants

Don't get arrested

Having a traffic warrant can lead to your arrest. You can be arrested on the roadside, at home, and even at work. Jack Byno & Associates can help lift your warrant and represent you in court.


We lift warrants

In most cases, we can post an attorney bond to lift your warrant. This will remove your name from the warrant system. Once the warrant is lifted, we can appear in court for you and plea your case.

Warrant Roundup

During the Statewide Warrant Roundup, all law enforcement agencies make a coordinated effort to arrest people with outstanding tickets. Timing is everything. Call us now.

Traffic warrants can result in you being arrested. If you are worried, it is best to call our legal team at Jack Byno & Associates. We are ready to help. Legal representation is the best way to achieve the desired outcome for your situation.

Our Team is Here to Help You

When you contact our team at Jack Byno & Associates, we can help you take care of your warrant. We do this before you are arrested. Our team has worked with traffic warrant cases for many years. We can help you achieve the best potential outcome for your situation.

Don’t Wait to Call for Legal Representation

You can’t wait to ask for help with a traffic warrant. Simple traffic violations may lead to a warrant being issued. Make sure you are proactive. This includes a speeding ticket or any other traffic violations. Call us right away.

driving-violations-attorney-collin-county-txThe Time to Act is Now

Texas law enforcement wants to keep the roads safe. If you have an outstanding warrant, you may face being arrested at some point. Contact us as soon as you can. We can help you avoid being part of a statewide warrant roundup, but you have to act quickly.

Hiring a Traffic Attorney

If you don’t take a traffic violation seriously, you may face a traffic warrant. If you have received a letter, or another form of contact, from the area where your ticket was issued, you need legal representation. Our staff is ready for you. We have offices in the North Texas area that can assist in resolving your warrant situation by posting a bond. This helps you avoid being arrested.

If you have an active traffic warrant, you don’t want to be pulled over for another traffic violation. It doesn’t matter what the previous violation was. In Texas, there are two kinds of warrants issued:

  • Alias Warrant: If you failed to respond to a traffic ticket and it expired, an alias warrant is issued. When this happens, you still have the right to go to court. We can post your bond and remove the warrant. At this point, a new court date is set.
  • Capias warrant: This warrant is issued if you had a hearing but didn’t comply with the court’s orders. You have two options at this point. Pay the fine or spend time in jail.

What Can Result in a Traffic Warrant Being Issued?

Even small traffic violations can result in a warrant being issued. This happens if you don’t take care of the ticket. It can also happen if you don’t comply with the court orders. Don’t underestimate the importance of handling your traffic violation. Some of the issues that can result in a warrant being issued include:

  • Running a stop sign or red light
  • Speeding tickets
  • Driving while license suspended – DWLS
  • Driving with no license – No DL
  • Expired registration or no registration
  • Failure to maintain financial responsibility – FMFR – or No insurance
  • Disregarding traffic control device – DTCD
  • Expired inspection or no inspection – MVI
  • Failure to control speed, following too closely
  • Inability to maintain your lane, failure to signal
  • Violation of promise to appear – VPTA
  • Failure to appear – FTA

The Statewide Warrant Roundup

In Texas, the police make an effort to arrest anyone who has an outstanding traffic warrant. When you contact us right away, we can help you avoid being part of the statewide warrant roundup. In some cases, we can have the warrant you are facing dismissed.

We’ll Get You Out of Jail

Traffic warrants are serious. If you have already been arrested, we are here to help. Chances are, you want to get out of jail as quickly as possible. Hiring our legal services means we can post bond for you. Once you are out, we can also represent you in court. At this point, a court date is assigned to your case. Our goal is to plead your case and help you achieve the best deal possible. You don’t have to worry about your obligations in court, either. Due to our superior services, we keep you informed all along the way.

What to Expect with Our Legal Services

When a traffic warrant comes up, you have to act quickly. If you have never faced this type of issue before, you may wonder what to do. We can help ensure you know the options you have. If you know the warrant has been issued, don’t wait to call us. Contacting us right away means you can avoid being arrested. This helps you avoid quite a bit of stress and hassle.

You can’t trust just any attorney with this serious of an issue. Our legal team has been working on traffic warrant cases for several decades. We can handle your situation, regardless of how complicated it may seem. Don’t get your license suspended or suffer another adverse consequence due to a traffic warrant. We have quite a bit of experience and ability when it comes to traffic warrants.

Don’t Wait to Call

Don’t underestimate how serious this legal issue is. A traffic warrant can result in grave consequences if it isn’t taken care of quickly. When you call us for help, we don’t just defend your case. We can represent you in the case. This means you don’t even have to appear in court. Our goal is to help reduce the consequences as much as possible when your court date arrives. In the majority of situations, it is best not to try and handle this alone.

At Jack Byno & Associates our primary goal is to help you avoid getting arrested. If a traffic warrant has been issued with your name on it, call us right away. If you have already been arrested, we can still help. Our team can post your bond and represent you at your court date. With our legal services, you can have peace of mind that we are working to take care of your case. Contact us today to learn more. We are standing by to help ensure you have the best possible outcome for your traffic warrant case.

When you have been issued a traffic ticket in the DFW area, you want an attorney who understands the local courts. The reality of the matter is that every city has its own policies, procedures and consequences. I have experience as a traffic ticket lawyer in the local courts, I know how to get you results.

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