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Warrant Roundup

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Your name is on the Warrant Roundup list. You do not want to go to jail. Police are arresting people at home, at work, and on the road. Save yourself the embarrassment (and expense). We can work to lift your warrants.

Loved one in jail?
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If your loved one has been picked up during the Statewide Warrant Roundup for outstanding traffic tickets, we can still help. We can post bond, get them released, and appear in court on their behalf to plea their case.

In the State of Texas, warrant roundups occur all the time. If you have outstanding traffic violations, your name may appear on regional warrant system list. Don’t let this happen. We can help you handle your warrant roundup situation. With our aid, we can take care of the warrant before you are arrested.

You Have Limited Time

Do you have an outstanding warrant due to a traffic ticket? If so, you need our services right away. Our legal team can help to protect your rights. We can also work to help you achieve the best possible outcome for your situation.

We Can Help to Protect Your Rights

You have rights. You need to ensure these rights are protected. The best way to do this is by retaining our legal services. We can post your bond and handle all the details to have the warrant lifted. This can help ensure you don’t have to spend time in jail.

Our Team Works for You

Legal representation from Jack Byno & Associates means you don’t have to worry about going to court. A huge benefit offered by hiring our legal team is that we bring our experience and comprehensive knowledge to you. As a result, some of the stress and hassle is relieved. In addition to representing you in court, we keep you informed all along the way.

We Can Help Get Your Outstanding Warrant Lifted

The Statewide Warrant Roundup is a regular event in Texas. It was started so traffic courts and law enforcement could make a single, coordinated push to arrest individuals who had outstanding warrants.

Do you believe there is a traffic warrant with your name on it? If so you need to call us. Regardless of if it is for a traffic ticket or failure to appear, it is imperative to hire someone who can protect your rights. In addition to protecting your rights, we can also ensure the best possible outcome for the situation is achieved.

Warrant Situation in North Texas?

Are you facing a warrant situation? If so, you can rely on our services. We have been providing help for people in this situation since 1994. There are all types of warrants we can assist with. Two of the most common warrants are listed here.

  • CDL violations
  • Speeding citations

What to Expect During a Warrant Roundup?

Did you receive a ticket or citation in a North Texas County? If so, you have a limited amount of time to pay the fine. There is the option to avoid paying the penalty. However, you also have limited time to let the court know you plan to fight the ticket. If the deadline is missed, a warrant is issued for your arrest. It is pretty obvious that the highway patrol and police departments don’t have the resources to track down every driver with a warrant. This is why occasional warrant roundups are held. In most cases, they occur during the spring time.

Were you arrested during a warrant roundup in the past? If not, you likely don’t know what to expect. If this happens, you are going to spend some time at the local police station. You are going to remain there until your bond is posted. We can post your bond. However, you have to call us to get started. When you hire our legal services, we help to protect your freedom and your future. In addition to posting your bond, we can begin working to have the warrant lifted.

Typically, Texas Statewide Warrant Roundup occurs in the late winter. However, it may take place in counties during all times of the year. It is important to know that the State is serious about collecting the fines that are outstanding. It is crucial that you remain informed. You can take action if a warrant is issued. It is not highly recommended to wait until the law starts looking for you.

Our Role in the Warrant Roundup

We understand how stressful a warrant is. If you know a warrant has been issued, take action. Contact us right away. We can communicate with the proper people to ensure you aren’t arrested. This helps you avoid spending time in jail.

As mentioned, if you find yourself getting arrested, we will step in to post bond. This means you don’t have to spend excessive amounts of time behind bars. Once you are out, we can also begin planning for your next court date. If you are busy, you don’t even have to come to court. We can represent you and negotiate the issue for you. The ultimate goal is to achieve the most desirable outcome possible for your situation. With our legal services, you can have confidence that someone is on your side. Protecting your rights is our mission.

You Have Options

The warrant roundup may seem like something you want to avoid. However, there is no reason to let the law come looking for you. During the warrant roundup, there are more options than usual to take care of the situation. We can let you know all the options available. This ensures you can take care of the situation.

The first part of the warrant roundup involves mailings to thousands of people in the State. It is best to handle the situation at this point. However, if you ignore the notification, you may face arrest. In fact, law enforcement comes wherever you are. This includes at your home, work, or anywhere else.

Don’t let it come to this. Our legal team can help. We are standing by to help you handle the traffic warrant you are facing. There is no reason to spend time in jail. We can help you avoid this problem. Take the time to give us a call today. Even if you only suspect there is a warrant, it is best to take action. Call us today to lift your warrant!


When you have been issued a traffic ticket in the DFW area, you want an attorney who understands the local courts. The reality of the matter is that every city has its own policies, procedures and consequences. I have experience as a traffic ticket lawyer in the local courts, I know how to get you results.

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